At the Y, we believe that education is the foundation for a bright future, and we want to see as many educated young people as we can build on this foundation. That’s why our Somerset Hills YMCA offers scholarships to local students to help advance their academic achievements.

Our Scholarships 

Scholarships are now CLOSED for 2022. For consideration next year, please check back January, 2023.


John Fanning Scholarship

The John Fanning Scholarship Award recognizes a high school senior from the Somerset Hills area who has demonstrated outstanding volunteer service and leadership in the community while maintaining academic excellence in the classroom. The award of $1,000 – which must be used for educational purposes only – was established in memory of John Fanning, to honor his spirit as a dedicated and committed volunteer for the Y. Fanning was a friend and past board chairman of the Somerset Hills YMCA, as well as a former Bernards Township Superintendent of Schools, and was passionate leader for higher learning.

Past Recipients:

  • 2021: Angelina Xu
  • 2019: Arianna Minassian
  • 2018: Declan McParland
  • 2017: Victoria Vena
  • 2016: Duncan Roberts
  • 2015: Tyler Beaudet
  • 2014: Matthew Lubas & Caitlin Taylor
  • 2013: Bridget Lee
  • 2012: Marisa Rossy
  • 2011: Emily Wheatley
  • 2010: Gabriella DeMarco


Millicent Fenwick Scholarship

The Millicent Fenwick Scholarship Award is a need-based scholarship and recognizes a high school senior or full time matriculating student from the Somerset Hills area in good academic standing, maintaining at least a 2.5 GPA each semester. This scholarship is a one-year, one-time award of $1,000-$2,000. 

Past Recipients:

  • 2021: Melanie Gimenez
  • 2019: Gabriela Britez, Bryant Then
  • 2018: Lauren Gayoso, Cara Scaliti
  • 2017: Wanyoike Gitau
  • 2016: Phoebe Ballard, Mya Jordan
  • 2015: Phoebe Ballard
  • 2014: Donna Andres, Phoebe Ballard
  • 2013: Makenna Janssen, Jordan Smith
  • 2012: Marisa Rossy, Shayna Stemmer