Smallest Winner Health & Fitness Challenge

Imagine being just weeks away from feeling your best, and being a healthier version of you. With an emphasis on balanced nutrition habits and regular exercise, our Smallest Winner team challenge gives you the foundation to transform yourself from the inside out with small, sustainable changes to your health and fitness routine – with a little friendly competition for positive motivation. Participants will be split into teams and work with the same trainer throughout the duration of the program.

You create a healthy lifestyle designed for you, we just give you the tools to get there.

Together, with support from the Y, small changes can mean big results!




  • WHERE: Hillsborough YMCA, Somerville YMCA & Somerset Hills YMCA
  • WHEN: Browse upcoming sessions for team locations and training schedules
  • COST: $399 for the complete 12-week program

What’s included:

  • Twelve 30-minute individual personal training sessions with your trainer (1 session per week) – one-on-one personal training sessions are scheduled on an individual basis with your trainer based on your availability
  • Twelve 60-minute team workout sessions with your team trainer (1 session per week) – workouts change each week and are custom-tailored to the group
  • Weekly nutrition and fitness challenges to enforce healthy eating and exercise habits – including increasing your water intake, improving your pushup form, trying a new vegetable, and more
  • Weekly progress tracking – weigh-ins and body fat measurements
  • Award ceremony


  • Welcome & Kick-off: Schedule initial weight and measurement appointment, create teams, and kick-off team building
  • Week 1: Introduction to tracking sheet, food logging, take “before” photos, schedule weekly individual personal training sessions
  • Weeks 2-11: weekly weigh-ins to track progress, weekly individual personal training sessions, weekly group workouts, weekly nutrition challenges
  • Week 12 – Final Weigh-In/Awards: final weigh-in, complete tracking sheet, take “after” photos, and celebrate your success!



Have questions about the program and/or trainer availability for individual personal training sessions? Click below to connect with the people who can help!




We offer training packages for individuals 10 years and older, in a personal, pairs, or small group setting. Choose from 30, 45, or 60-minute sessions. If you’re new to personal training, you can try our introductory Tri-Pack package to get you started on your path to better health. Whatever fitness package you choose, our dedicated trainers are here ready to challenge your limits and cheer you on as you reach your goals.

  • Tri-Pack Personal Training Introductory Offer – Three-session starter pack – try the Y!
  • Traditional One-on-One Personal Training – One-on-one guidance from a certified personal trainer tailored to you.
  • FitCommit One-on-one Personal Training – One-on-one guidance from a certified personal trainer tailored to you.
  • Nutrition Counseling – Work with our certified nutrition coach to reach your goals.
  • Pairs Personal Training – Enables you and a partner to work with a certified personal trainer to optimize your health.
  • Small-Group Training – Personal training for groups of 4 to 6 people is a great way to get results, be held accountable and have fun. Ask about our specialty small group trainings.
  • Virtual Training – Our expert personal trainers come to YOU through our Y’s Virtual Personal Training program. Trainers help you achieve your personal wellness goals through real-time feedback on form and progress.
  • Water Personal Training – Take your fitness to the water for a unique low-impact training experience!