Take the cause-driven challenge!

Register today for the YMCA’s BART’S CHALLENGE featuring SIX timed exercises. Compete against yourself or with others by completing the exercises in the shortest amount of time. The options for participation include individuals, pairs, and teams of four. Special prices for the winners and all competitors receive a T-shirt and medal!

There is a non-competitive option too – set a goal and have some fun with friends!

WHEN: April 19th(Organizational Division) and 20th(Community Division) 2024


Princeton YMCA
59 Paul Robeson Place, Princeton, NJ 08540



All competitors receive a T-shirt and a medal.


The 6 exercises reflect all Bart’s record achievements & critical “enablers”

  1. PLANKS: 1:30 minutes | enabler – core
  2. 2-LEG MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS: 100 | enabler – core/cardio
  3. REGULAR SETUPS: 100 | enabler – abs
  4. HORIZONTAL PUSH-UPS: 150 | ~ 30% of record
  5. DECLINE PUSH-UPS (20 INCH HIGH): 50 | ~ 50% of record
  6. CHIN UPS: 75 | ~ 70% of record
  • There is no pre-determined sequence to do the six exercises.
  • All exercises must be completed in the right form: straight body, full range of motion, full pushup movement (>90 degrees), etc.
  • Rules and specifics will be shared at the start of the competition



  • Options for participation: individually, in pairs of 2, and in teams of 4.

For Teams:

  • All team members must complete exercise 1 (planks). For the other 5 exercises, the team decides on the division of the exercises & sets across team members. Team members must do exercise sets sequentially ie. not at the same time, so at every given point in time, only 1 team member is executing an exercise.

For adult competitions only:
Before starting the challenge, prepare for 10 – 15 min to:

  • Document your strategy & approach for the challenge ie. the sequencing of exercises, the number of sets/exercises, and the number of reps/sets, and also -for teams- the division of tasks (exercises/sets) amongst the different team members.

• Submit your plan to the organizers: a form will be provided.



Competition winners will be those persons or teams who complete the Challenge in the shortest amount of time.

  • Olympic Medals : Gold, Silver & Bronze for first 3 in every category
  • All Participants : Receive a “participation” medal with Bart’s Challenge logo & motto (Always Believe & Never Give Up)
  • Exceptional Performance : a Platinum medal will be awarded to the participant(s) that can complete the Challenge in 10 minutes or less



Friday, April 19th 3:30 – 7pm


  • Participants : companies & organizations
  • Focus : Competitive
  • Adult competitions: as of 19 years old
  • Categories : Individual, Pairs, Teams of 4

Saturday, April 20th 9am – 12:30pm


  • Participants: YMCA & the broader community
  • Focus: Recreational/ Fun
  • Youth competitions: 13 – 18 years old
  • Categories: Individual, Pairs, Teams of 4
  • Adult competitions: as of 19 years old
  • Categories: Individual, Pairs, Teams of 4



Contact Keshon Bennett at Princeton YMCA at [email protected] | 609 497 9622 x209



Bart Talloen is a retired Johnson & Johnson senior executive. He is a fitness enthusiast who, as part of his efforts to achieve fitness world records, has raised more than $245,000 for the YMCA since 2018. This year is the third year that he is leading the annual BART’S CHALLENGE competition, an event to inspire others to participate, set goals of their own, individually or with others, and to promote and celebrate healthy living as a community.

BART’S CHALLENGE IN THE NEWS: https://www.nj.com/mercer/2020/12/nj-mans-record-breaking-feat-raises-40k-for-local-ymca.html



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  • Please make checks payable to “Somerset County YMCA” and mail to:

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  • In the memo field note: Bart’s Challenge



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