Through our martial arts classes at the Y, children, teens and adults will learn to set and achieve goals, to be respectful, and to grow in self-confidence. These self-defense classes also foster teamwork and caring for others – our quality teaching staff use training methods that build muscle and strength, coordination, balance, agility, and flexibility for total body conditioning.

Our branches offer classes in Tae Kwon Do, Judo, and Aikido for all age groups and skill levels. Whether it’s you or your child wanting to take a class – or the whole family – we have a class for you!


Judo translates to “gentle way.” Meaning, you use the opponents weight and balance against them rather than forcing them in a direction. It is a sport, martial art, and self-defense that can be enjoyed by all ages and abilities. The Japanese grappling art of Judo is only one of two martial arts in the Olympics. The Princeton YMCA Judo program has an open enrollment, making it easy for you to register/join at any time. We invite prospective students to observe a class and/or participate in a free, trial class. For more information, contact YMCA Judo program.

Kokikai Aikido

Kokikai Aikido is a self-defense training system that stresses timing, centering, and coordination rather than meeting force with force. The goal of Kokikai Aikido is to enable all individuals to reach their strongest state and realize their full potential, both in the art of self-defense and in their daily lives.

Tae Kwon Do / Korean Karate

Classes at Somerset Hills YMCA are taught by the American Tae Kwon Do Academy, who has been providing classes at the YMCA since 1993, and has one of the largest and most successful Chung Do Kwan schools in the USA. In this class, you can progress from white belt to black belt in a family environment. Pay one price and sign up as an individual member, or two, three, or four family members.

Tae Kwon Do (Korean Karate) is the largest martial art in the world in terms of practitioners and is only one of two martial arts in the Olympics. The words Tae (stomp), Kwon (fist) Do (way of) are loosely translated as “the way of the hand and the foot.” Beginner Class (White, Yellow, Orange Belts) usually starts with some stretching exercises followed by some punching and kicking drills. The remainder of the class is spent on practicing forms and one-steps with an instructor.




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