Fencing for all ages and abilities

Fencing is an exciting sport that exercises the body and mind. It’s a fantastic sport for athletes of all ages (The USFA recently needed to add an 80+ age range for our dedicated vintage fencers).

The YMCA fencing program is an excellent place to get a jump on the necessary skills to be competitive in the many local high schools varsity fencing programs. The US Fencing Association also offers ample amateur opportunities for local and national level competition for fencers of all ages.

The Adult Class on Thursday nights is an excellent opportunity for adults of any level of experience to learn this lifelong sport in the company of peers.

PHYFencing is an official US Fencing club with accredited coaches Sam Blanchard and Prevo’t des Armes Charles Hurley.



Equipment is provided for both Introductory classes:

Fencers will start with Intro 1, Introduction to Fencing

  • Intro 1: Introducing the basic mechanics of fencing techniques of footwork and blade-work learning foil to start.
  • Intro 2: Fencers will learn the fundamentals of all three weapons Foil Epee and Saber with the intention they will then decide where they will want to specialize.

Experienced Fencers will enroll in training groups for each weapon.

  • Training classes consist of group drills, individual instruction with Coach Blanchard and Open Bouting and tactical scenarios.
  • Three Weapon Training Groups will follow the same structure but is open to all fencers.
  • Fencers in training groups are expected to have their own electric gear for bouting.



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