Healthy at Home with GSCYMCA


At GSCYMCA, we work hard to support our community so we can all be better together. We strive to open doors to all - and even when our physical doors our closed, we want our community to stay active, connected and engaged. From cardio to crafts with kids, from stretching to story time, we've put together a collection of videos to keep you healthy at home when you aren't at the Y. 



Beginner Bootcamp (YMCA 360)

Bootcamp - Countdown (YMCA 360)

Bootcamp - Minute to Win it Round 1 (YMCA 360)

Bootcamp - Minute to Win it Round 2 (YMCA 360)


Lower Body & Core with Lisa (Somerset Hills YMCA)

Barre without a Bar with Lynne (Somerset Hills YMCA)

Barre on the Ball (YMCA 360) 

Barre Booty Fusion (YMCA 360)

Barre Stool (YMCA 360)

Body Weight Circuit with Christina (Somerville YMCA)


Stretching Class with Kate (Somerville YMCA)

Beginner Flow (YMCA 360)

Weekday Winddown (YMCA 360)

Guided Breathwork (YUSA)

Guided Breathwork II (YUSA)

Shoulder and Neck Stretch (YUSA)

Couch Potato Stretch (YUSA)

Hips & Back Stretch (YUSA)


Active Older Adults Exercises with Lynne (Somerset Hills YMCA)

Rise and Shine for Active Older Adults (YMCA 360) 

Weights for Active Older Adults (YMCA 360)

Resistance Tube Workout for Active Older Adults (YMCA 360)


Making a Cloud in a Jar (Hillsborough YMCA)

DIY Lava Lamp (Hillsborough YMCA)

A Hand Washing Lesson (Hillsborough YMCA)

Making Exploding Snow (Hillsborough YMCA)

Galaxy Jars (Hillsborough YMCA)

Make Your Own Maze (Hillsborough YMCA)

Future Vets: All About Cats (Hillsborough YMCA)

Origami Paper Boats (Somerville YMCA)

Baking Banana Muffins (Hillsborough YMCA)

Play Dough at Home (Hillsborough YMCA)

Thank You Cards for First Responders (Hillsborough YMCA)

Sarah's Music Room: Rain! (YUSA)

Sarah's Music Room: Colors! (YUSA)