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Saturdays in Motion


At the Y, we understand the stress and challenges that often come with caring for an individual with special needs, and strive to provide programming that helps bring families together through engaging activities. That’s where Saturdays in Motion (SIM) comes in.


Since we cannot meet in person due to COVID-19, we have created SIM Connect, a virtual program that will allow volunteers and participants to interact via Zoom. Your child and a volunteer(s) will have the ability to talk, sing, read a story, or other virtual activities your child is interested in. If your child is interested in participating, please fill out the form below, which will allow us to pair your child up with a volunteer. If you have multiple children involved, please fill out a form for each child. Typical siblings are welcome to participate, just as they've done at regular Saturdays in Motion sessions.

Once paired up, a volunteer will reach out to your family, indicating that they will be working with your child, and you may decide on a day/time that works best for all of you. The volunteer will then create a personalized Zoom link that only they and your family can access. During the Zoom call, at least one parent/guardian must be in the room with the child. We hope we can host numerous SIM Connect sessions over the summer or until we can resume normal activity at the YMCA.



About Saturdays in Motion

Recently celebrating its 26th anniversary, Saturdays in Motion (SIM) is the longest running recreational program for children with autism in the United States. Autistic children and their families join together at Somerset Hills YMCA on Saturdays for two hours of recreation (from 4 – 6 p.m.). Volunteers lead the program, and carefully guide the children through an hour of gym time and a second hour in the pool. Siblings are welcome. This program is free to the community and runs from the fall to the spring.

Important Identification Information

The safety of children and all who use our facility is a top priority at the Greater Somerset County YMCA. All adult members, guests and visitors must provide a state or government-issued photo ID to enter the facility. Our buildings are protected by Raptor, an instant screening program which will allow the Greater Somerset County YMCA staff to better protect our members and guests from potential threats. The Raptor System screens for registered sex offenders in all 50 states and is used by more than 12,000 schools and facilities nationwide to keep children safe.  Please come to the Y prepared to present a photo ID.


In an effort to ensure safety, and that we have adequate space and volunteers, we require every child participating in SIM be pre-registered for each event. Walk-in registrations cannot be accepted. Parents must stay at the Y for the duration of the program.

*Please note that registration for each Saturday opens up once the previous Saturday session has been completed.

For questions or more information, please contact our Director of Special Needs

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