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At Hillsborough YMCA, we’re all about teamwork and collaboration, and what better way to bring people together than through exciting sports and activities mixed with a little bit of healthy competition. Enjoy sports and recreational activities and programs for kids, teens, and adults.

For more information on any of our sports and recreation programming, please contact our Associate Executive Director


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Playing basketball helps build muscle and endurance while improving balance, coordination and self-discipline. It’s also a great way to incorporate teamwork and sportsmanship with friends into your day. We offer a variety of basketball classes for all skill and age levels - so you can start the little ones early! Learn the basics like passing, dribbling, and shooting and advance to actual game play. We also offer an adult men's basketball league for ages 25 and up. 

Flag Football

Develop football essential skills and learn the value of sportsmanship and healthy competition. Introduces children to football essentials including throwing, catching and the rules of the game. Mock games will be introduced throughout the session. 


Turn up the music, and head to Hillsborough YMCA for our wide array of dance classes and programs for children, teens and adults. Our classes focus on proper technique and artistic expression. From ballet, jazz, and musical theater to tap, hip hop, and creative movement for dancers with different abilities, we offer a variety of classes to suit any dancer's interests.

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Open Gym

Our open gym time helps children, teens, adults and families come together in an inclusive environment to develop their skills in various sports, learn teamwork and make new friends.


Recess Games

Join us weekly for games of capture the flag, dodgeball, and many more recess style games. Kids will have fun while getting physical activity.


This fast-paced sport helps kids and teens build muscle strength, aerobic capabilities, flexibility, agility and stamina. Learn soccer basics like dribbling, passing, shooting and field position, then advance to game play and teamwork drills.


Tee-ball is wonderful introduction to the game of baseball. Kids learn coordination and develop skills through the basics of hitting, catching and throwing. They also experience how to work together as a team.

Y Sports

Don't choose just one sport, choose them all! This program introduces children to a variety of sports while they improve motor skills, stay active and have fun.

Planet Y (Grades 7 to 11)

Kids in grades 7-11 are invited to Hillsborough YMCA each Friday night through the school year for Planet Y, where they can enjoy our Open Gym to play any sport they’d like, the fitness center where they can receive an equipment orientation, and the pool when available. Friday nights may also include organized basketball games/tournaments.

While their focus is on their friends and having fun, our focus is on engaging them in healthy habits and good decision-making. Planet Y is free for Y members and just $3 per night for community members.

Please contact our Program Director for more information or to register