What to Expect at School Age Child Care




All of our Y families have an important role to play in the health and safety of the students in our care. We’ve implemented some new policies and procedures in the interest of looking out for everyone’s safety. Be ready to go and make the most of your child's day at the Y when you know What to Expect during drop-off and pick-up at School Age Child Care. Additional instructions by care location will be provided by Y staff prior to your child’s first day of care: : 

At Drop-Off:

  • Families arrive and put on your face masks/coverings as you exit your vehicle 
  • Proceed to the designated drop-off area and stand 6 feet apart for safety
  • Meet Y staff and have your child’s temperature taken and hand sanitize
  • Parents complete the required daily COVID-19 questionnaire
  • Students enter the facility with Y staff and parents depart to your vehicle—being mindful to maintain distance from other families
  • Parents will be asked for an estimated pick-up time for that day

At Pick-Up:

  • Put on your face masks/coverings as you exit your vehicle
  • Parents meet Y staff outside the facility and stand 6 feet apart for safety
  • Y staff bring students and belongings outside to meet parents
  • Families depart to your vehicle—being mindful to maintain distance from other families
  • Thanks for learning with us at the Y and we can’t wait to see you tomorrow!



Safety first at the Y—always. Please be assured that your safety – and the safety of all our children and School Age Child Care staff – is our number one priority. We’re following guidelines from health experts and local officials to ensure that our School Age Child Care programs and facilities meet the highest standards for health and safety, and we have modified our child care policies and procedures to facilitate all recommended safe physical/social distancing practices. 

These updated practices are based on the current guidelines and recommendations set forth by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), New Jersey Department of Children and Families (NJDCF) Child Care Licensing, as well as the State and local Health Departments, and are subject to change. Some modifications parents can expect include but are not limited to:

  • Children and staff are encouraged to stay home if not feeling well.
  • Drop-off and pick-up will take place outside at a designated check-in station. Parents/guardians will NOT be permitted to enter the SACC program area.
  • Daily screenings required for every child and all staff before entering the SACC program area. Screening will include a temperature check and brief questionnaire about symptoms the person is experiencing and potential exposure to someone who has tested positive of COVID-19. Screening questions include:
    • Have you administered medications to lower the child’s temperature?
    • Has the child traveled to a state identified as experiencing significant community spread of COVID-19?
    • Is the child experiencing fever, cough, or shortness of breath, and/or symptoms of a cold or flu?   
    • Has anyone been complaining of sore throat or body rash?   
    • Has the child been in close contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past 14 days; or has anyone in the household had symptoms of respiratory illness (e.g. fever, cough, shortness of breath). 
    • Are you, parent or guardian, essential personnel?  
    • Is there any reason these symptoms exist for you? (regarding issues with seasonal allergies)
  • Children will stay together in “groups.” Groups will consist of no more than 10 children and the appropriate number of staff. 
  • Groups will remain isolated from other groups for the majority of the day, with social distancing measures in place. 
  • All staff are required to wear face masks/coverings. SACC programs shall teach and reinforce use of cloth face coverings among children, where appropriate.
  • Activities that promote distancing will be emphasized throughout the day as much as possible. 
  • Limit item sharing. Shared materials shall be avoided wherever and whenever possible. Materials shall be cleaned and sanitized between uses.
  • Enhanced cleaning protocols. Frequency of cleaning has been increased. SACC program staff will sanitize areas before and after use, including classroom equipment and furniture.
  • All indoor and outdoor spaces utilized by the SACC program will be thoroughly sanitized at the end of each camp day.
  • Frequent hand-washing throughout the day. All children and staff shall practice frequent hand washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds throughout the day, including but not limited to: upon arriving at the SACC program area, when entering the program, before meals or snacks, after outside time, after going to the bathroom, and prior to leaving for home.



Visit gscymca.org/whattoexpect and learn more about what the Y is doing and what all members and participants will do to help ensure a safe experience for all. Together, we’re a better us.


As we continue to reopen our doors in conjunction with the phases of New Jersey’s Restart and Recovery Plan, please be assured that your safety – and the safety of all our members, program participants, staff and volunteers – is our number one priority. We’re following guidelines from health experts and local officials to ensure that our facilities meet the highest standards for hygiene and safety, and we have modified our policies and programs to facilitate safe physical/social distancing practices.


Note: The information on this page is subject to change at any time as new information and resources become available.



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In an effort to continually improve the safety and security of our YMCA, we utilize a system called Raptor which instantly screens visitors against registered sex offender databases in all 50 states. This is in addition to sex offender screenings the Y regularly conducts on all members, participants, and staff. All authorized pick-ups must present a state or government issued photo ID every time when picking up a child.

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