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Healthy Living

Choosing a Mask for Your Workout

We’re here to help you navigate this new world of fitness so you can stay healthy, and most importantly, stay safe. With so many new mask options out there, which do you choose?

By: Greater Somerset County YMCA | Oct 21, 2020


12 Spooktastic Halloween Crafts for 2020

Since traditional Halloween activities may look a little different this year due to COVID-19 safety restrictions, now is the perfect time to get a little extra creative to keep the kids in the (ghostly) spirit.

By: Greater Somerset County YMCA | Oct 07, 2020

Healthy Living

Back to School Menu Inspiration

If there’s one word to describe the 2020-2021 school year, it would probably be: unique. So, we've gathered some unique food ideas for lunch and dinner to help get you and your family into the swing of things this fall. 

By: Greater Somerset County YMCA | Sep 14, 2020


Continuing to Stay Safe Outside

With long, sunny days in the forecast, kids and parents are eager to get out of the house and enjoy some of their most cherished summertime traditions and activities. Keep your summer safe, healthy and fun with the tips below.

By: Greater Somerset County YMCA | Aug 05, 2020


At-Home Workout of the Week

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced, Greater Somerset County YMCA's wellness team has created a challenging at-home workout you can do anytime, anywhere! 

By: Greater Somerset County YMCA | Jul 29, 2020

Youth Programs

Saturdays in Motion Goes Virtual

Greater Somerset County YMCA has launched a new virtual special needs program as an off-shoot to its Saturdays in Motion program. 

By: Unknown | Jul 23, 2020

Youth Programs

Summer of Fun and Safety

The summer camp season has arrived at Greater Somerset County YMCA, and what a wonderful first two weeks it has been!

By: Greater Somerset County YMCA | Jul 15, 2020


Character Development at Hillsborough YMCA's Camp STAR

At Camp STAR, counselors are addressing feelings of grief and the challenges we're facing in 2020 by setting up discussions and safe spaces for campers to share, ask questions and build relationships.  

By: Laura Rodriguez - program director, Hillsborough YMCA | Jul 07, 2020

Social Responsibility

Talking to Children About Racism and Diversity

With so much troubling news surrounding us as we continue to battle the enemy of racism, how can we as parents, teachers and caregivers help children understand what our nation and the world is going through?

By: Greater Somerset County YMCA | Jun 26, 2020


Get Festive for the Fourth!

Looking for some fun activities to do at home with the kids to celebrate Independence Day? Check out our compilation of easy kid-friendly crafts that can be done in minimal time to put you and your family in a patriotic state of mind!

By: Greater Somerset County YMCA | Jun 22, 2020

Social Responsibility

What Does Pride Mean in 2020?

The beginning of June marks the beginning of Pride month. While large celebrations, marches, parades, and more were planned across the country, Pride month has taken on a new identity in 2020. 


By: Eddie Norgard, Director of Membership and Programs, Bridgewater YMCA/Somerville YMCA | Jun 08, 2020


Celebrating Dad

Not sure what to get dad for Father's Day this year? We put together a list of seven great gift ideas to help you give dad the wonderful day he deserves. 

By: Greater Somerset County YMCA | Jun 01, 2020


Exercising for Your Mental Health

Exercise is critical to our overall mental health and a great way to destress during this challenging time. Check out our list of reasons for exercising not only to stay physically healthy, but to help boost your mood too. 

By: Elizabeth Nikol, DBH, LCSW, A-CBT, Summit Medical Group | May 26, 2020

Youth Programs

Blue Skies, Silver Linings: Emergency Child Care is a Breath of Fresh Air

Our Emergency Child Care program at Hillsborough YMCA provides a breath of fresh air for children, parents and staff during an uncertain time. 

By: Greater Somerset County YMCA | May 20, 2020

Healthy Living

Improving Mental Health and Wellness During the COVID-19 Crisis

As the crisis continues, we find ourselves facing an abundance of stressors, but the good news is there are ways to decrease this emotional turmoil. Elizabeth Nikol, a behavioral health and wellness expert at Summit Medical Group, offers us tips on how to alleviate stress during this very challenging time. 

By: Elizabeth Nikol, DBH, LCSW, A-CBT, Summit Medical Group | May 11, 2020