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Healthy Living

Calm Between the Chaos: 5 Tips for Practicing Mindfulness

These are trying times. The stress is piling on and we are all shouldering the weight. But, we want to help you take the time to pause for a moment, so you can better alleviate some of this stress and see these times through a different lens. Both adults and children can benefit from mindfulness, and what better time to start this practice than right here, right now. Here are a few tips to get you started.

By: Greater Somerset County YMCA | Apr 01, 2020

Social Responsibility

Caring for Community...From Home

These past few weeks have been challenging for everyone. If you can help your neighbors, here are a few ways you can do so with minimal contact or from the comfort of your own home.

By: Greater Somerset County YMCA | Mar 23, 2020

Youth Programs

The Great Indoors

Time spent inside can be time well spent! While schools are closed and extracurricular activities are on hold, there are plenty of things to do at home that are both education and fun for the kids. From spa days to photo collages, we have at-home activity ideas for kids of all ages.

By: Greater Somerset County YMCA | Mar 17, 2020


Food Fight

For more than 100 years, Greater Somerset County YMCA has identified and developed solutions to address community needs, including fight against food insecurity. 

By: Megan James, director of social responsibility at Greater Somerset County YMCA | Feb 18, 2020


Have a Healthy Heart

February is American Heart Month, which is a great time to make small adjustments to your everyday activities that can have lasting effects on your health.

By: Greater Somerset County YMCA | Feb 06, 2020


Super Snacks for the Super Bowl

Looking forward to the big game, but worried about your snacking habits wreaking havoc on your waistline? We've got you covered with a healthy game plan with tips from our new nutrition coach, Jordana Raban. 

By: Jordana Raban, Greater Somerset County YMCA Nutrition Coach | Jan 28, 2020


A Look at Camp Sunburst at Somerville YMCA

Choose from a variety of fun, educational and exciting camp programs for your kids at Somerville YMCA this year!

By: Jessica Nicewicz, Associate Program Director at Somerville YMCA | Jan 27, 2020

Summer Camp

Camp STAR Spotlight: Extensively Trained Staff

Camp STAR offers a safe, nurturing and educational space for kids during the summer. Come to our Open House on February 1!

By: Matt Gray, associate branch executive director at Hillsborough YMCA | Jan 20, 2020

Summer Camp

Camp Timber Spotlight: Extensively Trained Staff

Camp Timber offers a safe, nurturing and educational space for kids during the summer. Come to our Open House on February 1!

By: Eddie Norgard, director of membership and programs at Bridgewater YMCA and Somerville YMCA | Jan 13, 2020

Youth Programs

Navigating Today's Political Climate

This past weekend, students from Hillsborough YMCA’s Civic Engagement program participated in the Model United Nations conference to share ideas and discuss important current events and issues. 

By: Laura Rodriguez, program director at Hillsborough YMCA | Jan 09, 2020


Safety at the Y

The safety of your children is our priority. When you leave your kids with us, whether at camp, in child care and after-school programs or in any one of our branches, they are safe.

By: Greater Somerset County YMCA | Dec 27, 2019

Youth Programs

Benefits of Youth Programs

At the Y, we help kids build self-esteem and confidence to explore new interests and passions. Our youth programs work to help children grow in spirit, mind and body while providing them with a safe, supportive and wholesome environment that encourages teamwork and camaraderie.

By: Greater Somerset County YMCA | Nov 18, 2019

Healthy Living

Partnering with the Community

Somerset County and Plainfield YMCA in Somerville is proud to partner with the Shimon and Sara Birnbaum JCC in Bridgewater. 

By: Evanna Tchir, Somerville YMCA Wellness Director | Oct 07, 2019

Healthy Living

The Heat is on When it Comes to Sauna

Exercising and eating right are key to healthy living. But did you knowthere are health benefits to simply relaxing in a sauna, too?

By: Greater Somerset County YMCA | Sep 30, 2019

Healthy Living

Benefits of Group Exercise

Taking a group exercise class is one of the most effective ways to get a safe and fun workout.

By: Jennifer Morrison, personal trainer and exercise instructor at the Y | Sep 02, 2019