Princeton YMCA Hosts 7th Annual Bart’s Challenge, Raises $25,500 towards 2024 Branch Campaign – Greater Somerset County YMCA

Princeton YMCA Hosts 7th Annual Bart’s Challenge, Raises $25,500 towards 2024 Branch Campaign

Princeton YMCA Hosts 7th Annual Bart’s Challenge, Raises $25,500 towards 2024 Branch Campaign

Princeton, N.J. – April 30, 2024 – Princeton YMCA, a branch of the Greater Somerset County YMCA, recently held its seventh annual Bart’s Challenge Competition at the Princeton YMCA. This year’s event included participation from YMCA and community members, as well as teams representing various companies and organizations. The 2024 competition featured two divisions: an Organizational Heat for competitive participants and a Community Heat for recreational participants.

The event drew a diverse group of competitors, volunteers, and spectators, including YMCA lifeguards and instructors, staff from the Princeton YMCA’s Wellness Department led by Suzette Schmidt, as well as participants from Truist Financial, Chuck Craig and Family, Warren Stock, Princeton YMCA’s ACE students, and YMCA leadership staff including Darnell Hayes, Chief Operating Officer of Greater Somerset County YMCA, and Benjamin Green, District Vice President of Operations for Franklin Township, Hillsborough, and Princeton YMCAs, along with representatives from Johnson and Johnson.

Celebrating its seventh year, Bart’s Challenge Competition successfully raised $25,500 towards Princeton YMCA’s branch campaign goal. Keshon Bennett, Branch Executive Director, emphasized the YMCA’s commitment to strengthening the community: “Today and every day, Princeton YMCA strengthens the fabric of our vibrant community by ensuring that we all have access to the resources, relationships, and opportunities we need to lead, learn, grow, and thrive. Through volunteer-led community events like Bart’s Challenge, we expand access for all ages and abilities to improve their well-being and inspire healthy lifestyles.”

Bart’s Challenge is named after Bart Talloen, a fitness enthusiast who conceived the idea for the competition in 2021. Talloen, who underwent surgery in late December 2020, challenged YMCA summer campers in 2021 to take on a physical challenge on his behalf. The overwhelming response from campers led to the launch of Bart’s Challenge in 2022. Reflecting on the growth of the event, Bart expressed his hope to expand participation.

He stated, “It has been exciting to watch my vision of Bart’s Challenge grow and evolve. It is my aspiration to grow and expand the Bart Challenge Competition further in the future, gaining more and more engagement and participation across the YMCA branches, the broader community, and its organizations, as well as companies, schools, etc. In this way, I hope to continue to inspire and motivate others to pursue their own personal fitness adventures and promote healthy living as a community.” In successfully achieving fitness world records, Bart has raised $270,000 for the YMCA over the last seven years.

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