2023 Bart’s Challenge on 6/10 at Princeton YMCA – Greater Somerset County YMCA

2023 Bart’s Challenge on 6/10 at Princeton YMCA

Take the cause-driven challenge!

Register today for Greater Somerset County YMCA’s BART’S CHALLENGE featuring SIX timed exercises. Compete against yourself or with others by completing the exercises in the shortest amount of time. For adults and youth 13 years old+, the divisions include individual, pairs, and teams of 4.

There is a non-competitive option too – set a goal and have some fun with friends!

WHEN: Saturday, June 10, 2023, at 9:00 am

WHERE: Princeton YMCA Outdoor Pavilion

59 Paul Robeson Place

Who: Open to the Community 13 years of age and up.



    The 6 exercises reflect all of Bart’s record achievements & critical “enablers”

    1. PLANKS: 1:30 minutes | enabler – core
    2. 2-LEG MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS: 100 | enabler – core/cardio
    3. REGULAR SETUPS: 100 | enabler – abs
    4. HORIZONTAL PUSH-UPS: 150 | ~ 30% of record
    5. DECLINE PUSH-UPS (20 INCH HIGH): 50 | ~ 50% of record
    6. CHIN UPS: 75 |~ 70% of record


    Make an impact in your community by making a donation to the Y’s Annual Campaign. Here’s how:

    To make a donation online:

    • Use this link https://operations.daxko.com/online/5029/OnlineGiving/Donation.mvc
    • Enter the donation amount
    • Under campaign, select Princeton YMCA Annual Campaign from the drop down box
    • Under campaigner, select Bart Talloen (You may also select to dedicate this donation by selecting In honor of and entering “Bart Talloen”)
    • Complete contact and payment information

    The community needs the Y, and the Y needs you. Gifts are not TO the Y, they are THROUGH the Y to your community.